Navigating the Insurance Terrain for Over 55 Years.


1930's - 1950's

Harry Brown II starts working in the insurance industry as an agent for Aetna. In 1940, after acquiring extensive knowledge and expertise in the commercial insurance industry, he forms Brown Insurance Agency. Located in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, he services commercial trucking accounts. Harry (Bud) Brown follows in his father's footsteps, joining the firm in 1960.


Bud Brown spreads his wings, plotting his own course and forms his own insurance business. He incorporates B&J Insurance Agency with his wife Jean, selling commercial and personal insurance. Working out of his Brown Deer home, Bud quotes insurance over the phone by day and makes house calls by night, selling policies to customers. Jean worked the back office as the firm's bookkeeper and policy administrator.


B&J's business continues to evolve and grow. Their Brown Deer home can no longer accommodate their expanding business. B&J moves to new headquarters in Milwaukee located at 4234 North 76th Street, home to one of B&J's offices presently. Hard work, long hours, a watts (toll free line) and yellow page advertising throughout the state helps increase exposure and drive growth. Bud encourages customers to stop in to his office, developing long-term neighborhood type business relationships.


B&J markets their business through trade shows, including the local Wisconsin State Fair to gain more exposure and develop their brand. Staff is added to expand and service their growing clientele from around the state.


Bud and Jeans son, H. David Brown IV joins the family business as a third generation insurance agent. Growing up in the business, he works side by side his parents helping to expand the agency.


With the evolution of computers and technology, B&J is able to run motor vehicle numbers before selling policies to customers to avoid increasing costs through carriers and provide faster service to customers.

2002 - 2003

B&J is at the forefront of technology, utilizing easy-to-use real time comparative on-line ratings. B&J agents electronically enter information online to receive quotes immediately. System is linked to individual carriers to leverage choice and better value for customers.


Jean Brown passes away and Bud Brown retires. David Brown IV takes over at the helm as President and sole owner.


David Brown and Huseyin Macar become partners, expanding the business with offices in Milwaukee and Elm Grove. With an increase of over 10% in growth in revenue, B&J Insurance Agency adds staff and technology to accommodate their expanding business.


B&J develops web consumer portal for consumers. Portal allows users to compare personal insurance options in just minutes while on site. Unlike insurance carriers, users receive information from multiple insurance companies allowing them to save time and money instantly 24/7.